World of Tanks IS-7 Premium Tank Figurine

World of Tanks IS-7 Premium Tank Figurine

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This incredibly detailed model was made to be as close of a replica of the in game IS-7 Granite as possible. It is made from mixed media, primarily resin, with aluminum, photo etched steel, copper, and additional materials. It is fully hand painted to a stunning finish.

Limited to 300 models worldwide!


  • Fully Rotating Turret
  • Gun Barrel can be raised/lowered
  • Opening/Closing hatches
  • AA Gun
  • Smoke Dispensers
  • Tow Cables
  • Antenna
  • Realistic Battle Damage
  • World of Tanks In Game Bonus Content (see below)
  • High Quality Magnet Closed Collectors Box
  • Collectors Leaflet (English/Russian)
  • Produced by First Legion


  • Boxed Weight 3.07 KG
  • Scale 1/30th
  • Model Size: 383mm x 128mm x 128mm
  • In-game bonus code contains (for all servers): 30 Day WOT Premium Account, Training Manual (USSR), 20 Personal Reserves: +300% Free XP for 2 Hours, 20 Personal Reserves: +50% Credit for 2 Hours, 20 Personal Reserves: +100% Free XP for 2 Hours, 20 Missions: x5 XP Per Victory, Anniversary 2d Style

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